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What is hypnosis?


Is hypnosis real?
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What is hypnosis?

There's an awful lot of misunderstanding about hypnosis. Even qualified hypnotherapists can't agree as to what hypnosis really is! My own opinion is that hypnosis is a natural state of mind  that we all experience many times a day; being engrossed in a movie, concentrating on a specific task; drifting off into a daydream etc. The list goes on and, in fact, it could be argued that hypnosis is such a common state that it really isn't a "state" at all and is actually how we are almost all of the time. So, in a way, there's no such thing as hypnosis. Anyway that's just my opinion. Any other views out there?  

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Helen Elission on 03 May 2018 10:50
Hypnosis is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood and controversial methods of psychological treatment. How we quickly hypnotize someone? it's work or not? Hypnosis is really used for to reduce stress? http://howtohypnotizesomeoneinstantly.com/
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best resume company on 05 April 2019 04:34
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, that is sometimes used in hypnotherapy to treat people with addictions. Although hypnotherapy is not typically the first line of treatment for people with addictions, there are many people who have successfully used it to quit smoking without any other interventions—and there are others who have tried it after relapsing. In fact, one study shows that hypnotherapy is even more effective than nicotine replacement therapy for quitting smoking. Another feature of hypnosis is a particular kind of intense mental focus. As with relaxation, this is entirely under the control of the person being hypnotized, not the therapist.

googlr on 16 May 2018 09:17
one of the most misunderstood and controversial
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eassay writer on 25 May 2018 17:11
What is hypnosis is really an important topic to understand. Some people are having the knowledge of hypnosis but some people need to understand it completely. I am thinking to ask people to read this blog.
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Robert on 26 May 2018 13:14
Even a lot of my hypnotherapy colleagues can't fully agree on exactly what hypnosis is or how important depth of hypnosis is when doing therapy. The one thing I know for sure is that it isn't what most of the population think it is. (i.e. a lot of people still believe that hypnosis is some sort of mind control). The best definition for me, and the one I share with my students is a state of mind where the critical faculty is temporarily bypassed and selective thinking is introduced. This means it's actually an everyday state of mind, e.g. being engrossed in a movie or novel, advertising, drifting off into a daydream etc. So hypnosis is all about the power of suggestion and imagination rather than control. Always good to hear what others think though.

custom thesis on 08 June 2018 10:07
I don't trust that. This method is not for me. I don't want to try that.
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company on 30 July 2018 13:00
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Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy on 10 September 2018 06:26
Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help your mind heal itself, which in turn can help to heal your body restoring some of the natural balance. It can be used to break habits, to give you confidence, to get rid of those negative feelings of depression, doubt, and correct the inappropriate feelings of anger and guilt.
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Mindvalley on 05 December 2018 05:57
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